Busy Spring

a busy month or two — but I enjoy biking, the beach,
Disney and my grandchildren

Cousin Camp 2015

All Posts Cousin Camp in Winter Park, Summer 2015 I would have loved to have been able to be there and enjoy seeing them all together. I hope they continue to enjoy each other's company as they grow...

After the Ball

I wonder what she's thinking... Not many good shots from this year's dance recital. The lighting is difficult, to say the least. But, I do like this one.

OLLI: Writing our lives

The is the 3rd or 4th time round that I have taken part in the "Writing Our Lives" class offer through our local OLLI@Auburn organization (Osher Lifelong Learners Institute at Auburn). I'm just a beginner! The class is filled with people who have been there for many...

Thanksgiving in Birmingham

The clan convened at Marie's house for Thanksgiving this year. The Day included 4 generations (from my mother down to my grandchildren, and a couple of grand-dogs). The day after, while David went hunting with Kevin, we took the girls to the park. The sky was gray,...

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Scrapbook updates

I spent some time over the weekend building some new scrapbook pages... and then I found some older ones that I had forgotten about. It fascinates me as I look through the images and see how much they have grown, and how much I have yet to document so that we can...

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Sunset from The Pier Old Orchard Beach

Sunday evening we wandered down to the Pier area for Pier Fries, Lisa's Pizza, and a drink at the bar at the end of the Pier. I am still amazed at the pictures I can get with my cell phone (Samsung Galaxy).

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Banana Pudding to die for

Whenever there is a potluck or a picnic, my name always ends up with the "dessert" assignment, and this Banana Pudding is always demanded. I've done it many ways: instant pudding mix with sugar, or the sugar-free version; skim milk, whole milk or 2%; regular Eagle...

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Martha: Missed Career as a Radio Actress

A couple of weeks back, our local OLLI (Osher Lifelong Learner Institute) held the annual end of the year "Picnic" and General Meeting. A lovely Picnic, held indoors with AC and no ants or other wildlife. The menu included bar-b-que, potato salad and desserts. But,...

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Super Moon

It's rather frustrating to have a lens that only zooms to 135mm --on a night when we have this marvelous moon. But, I got a somewhat decent shot...

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EAMC Celebrate Life 5K

Stefanie and I teamed up with Cindy this morning for the EAMC Celebrate Life! 5K. My best time! (not bad since we were treating it like a training run). For Christmas John got me a Garmin Forerunner 210. That's a neat watch with a Garmin GPS that tracks distance and...

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The Princess and the Artist

I think Ella (the princess) will give her Papa fits when she is 15 or 16... and Lily (the artist) will have led the way! We travelled for holidays this year. Thanksgiving was spent in Florida with David and family. The girls shared their many interests with us:...

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Cajun-Style Chicken Gumbo

Great for a cool weather meal, but light enough for summer! I use dark meat chicken to keep my spouse happy, but if I wasn't feeding him I would use white meat chicken. Enjoy! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:5]

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